Storing Your Board Game Pieces Has Never Been As Easy As This

Storing Your Board Game Pieces Has Never Been As Easy As This!

Tabletop games are definitely fun. That’s a given.

If there’s one thing to hate about board games, it’s the after-game cleaning and safekeeping part. Tabletop games usually come with a ridiculous amount of pieces and components – cards, chits, dices, tokens, miniatures, and numerous other stuffs. While some of these board games come with organizers or specialized storage boxes, most often you left to D-I-Y to keep your board game intact and organized.

Modern board games are costly, so you’d want to protect them. A missing bit or a damaged card is quite difficult to replace – and missing just one of these pieces can ruin the entire game. Here let me share with you some simple ways to organize common board game pieces.


Cards are an essential part of many board games but it’s also the trickiest to stack and store. Missing just one of these cards can spoil the excitement and gameplay, this is particularly true with social deduction games.

Arranging them in card sleeves is an easy way to store and keep the cards in perfect shape. It protects the card from all elements especially from water. It would also make it a lot easier to account for all the cards. Once the cards all on sleeves, you can place them in secured boxes or adjustable pallet collars like those found on this site.

Before I forget, please don’t use rubber bands when stacking your cards. Not only do these cards easily lose their elasticity, it can also stick to the cards and they’re awfully difficult to remove from the cards. For sure, you don’t want cards to have stains or any identifying marks on them. A better alternative would be plastic baggies, they’re easy to store and can keep card safe from water damage.

Tokens, chits and bits

The simplest way for storing these bits is the plastic storage. Not only does it keep these components organized, it also makes it easier to separate stuff and set up – ready to go. You can classify the pieces depending on category, for instance coins in one pack, chips in another, etc.

While you can use just any sandwich bags available, it may be best to get color coded baggies from a hobby store. Aside from looking stylish, they also come in various sizes and shapes that will surely suit your game board components. There are also many fancy bead cases that you can find in a local knitting shop or even hardware. These are specially intended for holding beads, nuts, crews and other craft supplies – they are perfect also for organizing game bits. It would also make it easier to set up the game. Instead of just dumping all the pieces out on the table, you simply need to open the bin and the pieces are carefully arranged, ready to start.

Boxes and packets

Boxes and collar packets are best for storing bulky board games or if you have several board games. I’ve seen some adjustable pallet collars at Pallets may not look that good but they’re very functional. Storing your board games in sturdy boxes or pallets would help it last a long time. There are also many durable plastic boxes that come in different sizes. For sure you can find a size that suits your board games.

Investing in storage containers will cost you some box but it’s better than spoiling your future games, right?