How To Get Started Playing Dungeons and Dragons

Chances are you’re run into SOME kind of reference to Dungeons and Dragons in your lifetime; maybe that was your mother telling you it was a satanic game, having a nerdy friend tell you it was the “omg best thing EVER bruh!”, or you just saw it on the shelf at your local bookstore. However you heard of it, you need to know that D&D is more than just a nerd culture game. I used to think that, until I actually started playing… I’ve never had more fun in my life. Where else can you hear phrases like “You fight the dragon… And it dies of stress from too much criticism.” Confused yet? Don’t be… Read along and find out why you need to start playing D&D asap!

First, Dungeons and Dragons is one of the simplest games you will ever play, at least to start out. You need a pencil and paper, a dice, a Dungeon Master’s Handbook, and a few friends, preferably 2-3. The ideal is to get a Dungeons and Dragons starter set, which has everything you need plus the guides to monsters, players, and the Dungeon Master. This isn’t a lot of stuff; it’s not like a full truckload of cargo from It’s just a small boxed set that costs about $10-15 USD.

To start, someone has to be the Dungeon Master, or DM. This person is the most important player in the game. He or she tells the story that starts the adventure, resolves arguments, and presents challenges for the player to overcome.

Next are the player characters, or PCs. This is everyone else. You choose a character type, such as a warrior, wizard, or thief; as the game goes on, you can upgrade your character. Warriors get stronger and gain more powerful weapons, wizards gain more powerful spells, and thieves can start their own criminal empire to help them.

The way that the game looks in real life is as follows:

The DM will set the stage; he will introduce the world and the mission the players are on, for example to “claim the Holy Grail.” The players will each roll the dice to see how far along they travel. Occasionally the DM will unleash “creatures” upon the players; the PCs have to roll a certain number or higher to defeat the monster and pass. They will also gain experience from this. The scenarios can also be funny, like “a horse magic-chipmunk carriage is barreling your way; you need to roll a 7 or higher of magic awareness to move!” It’s craziness like this that draws people to D&D in the first place; D&D is a great way to unleash your imagination, because nothing about the game is real-life. Everything is in your imagination.

This game has real-world application as well; authors recommend that you play as a DM at some point because you have to come up with a massive, sweeping story on the fly. If that doesn’t flex your creative muscles I don’t know what will! So get out there, strap on your Sword of Destiny, and fight monsters all day long!