Best First Person Shooter Franchises of All Time

Some games are stand-alone games, but the best games are those that have several titles in their franchise. Here are a few of the best gaming franchises and their impact in the world of gaming!


This is the first game that Valve, the creator of Steam, created in 2004. Half-Life was the first time that a first person shooter game tried to put an amazing story into their game. The Half-Life story started with Half-Life 1, and followed the adventures of a scientist that is exploring and fighting an alien species that invaded Earth. Half-Life 2 picks up the adventure again after the scientist is woken from a coma and has to face an even worse alien threat. Gamers have waited for a Half-Life 3 since the day Half-Life 2 came out; to date, nothing has come of it, to the chagrin of many thousands of people.


This was the second first person shooter game ever made, and it was the one that really popularized the genre. It features the adventures of “The Doomguy,” a marine who is stationed on Mars. The massive corporation UAC deals with dimensional transportation and accidentally opened a portal to hell, which caused demons to flood to Mars and eventually make it to Earth. Doom 2 follows the adventures of the Marine on Earth. Doom 3 is a prequel and reboot; it is more about horror than shooting. You have to slowly crawl through the base and fight demons that you find. Doom 4 returns to the shooter genre; it is an all out demon massacre. This fps franchise has withstood the test of time; I STILL play the original 1993 Doom for fun.


This franchise is the 1st fps game ever invented. Made by the same company that made Doom, this game follows the exploits of B.J. Blaskovich as he slays the Nazi regime. This game was rebooted in 2009 with Wolfenstein: The New Order, where the Nazis dropped an A-Bomb on NYC and took over the world. This game is violent and dark, but it is FUN. The protagonist Blaskovich also is the ultimate video game hero; he wears winter gear that looks much like gear from Winter Badass.

He also wears the best ski helmets for missions in the snows of Eastern Europe. This game has a long history and a bunch of loyal players, even today.


This Xbox franchise is one of the most popular game franchises in the entire world. It follows the exploits of space marines destroying the alien force known as the Covenant, who want to destroy the Earth. This game helped to perfect the modern fps game; it offered more powerful weapons and graphics than any game before, and offered the largest maps that any game had ever created.

Games like these are the reason gaming is amazing today; these are some of the biggest influences in gaming today. Without these games, we would never have franchises like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and Need For Speed. We owe a lot to these games!

Who Said Video Games Are Better Than Board Games Check This Out!

Who Said Video Games Are Better Than Board Games? Check This Out!

In an era of Mass Effect 3, Defense of the Ancient and numerous mobile games, you’d probably think that board games, role-playing games, and “live action” games are dead.

But that’s not the case. On the contrary, both new and classic board games are getting popular now more than ever. Go check board games sales to see what I’m talking about.

Realistic graphics, riveting plot, and exciting gameplay definitely make videogames irresistible. I wouldn’t question that. I actually find videogame soundtracks, music themes and sound effects especially fascinating.

Who wouldn’t love the opening theme of DOTA 2? I’ve actually been wondering what musical instruments that I hear. Was it a piano? Or a violin? Or maybe a nice saxophone, like one of these? I’m not sure but it’s amazing how it magically transports me to the otherworld. And the sound effects are just perfect!

board-gameWhile it’s true that videogames is on a continued rise, there are some aspects where board games do way better than digital games. Here’s why:

First off, board games let you face your opponent fair and square. In video games, you get to play with an avatar, a virtual hero or simply another faceless drone. That’s not the case in tabletop games. You get to play and interact with REAL people. Need I emphasize on that?

Board games are by far a more social activity and never a solitary pursuit as what many videogames promote. Sure, there are gaming hubs where you can interact with other videogame players, but you don’t get to talk to them the same way as you would when playing board games because you are often too engrossed and focused with the game itself.

The power of persuasion and politics are more prominent in board games than in video games. Quite obviously, in computer games, you get to play with virtual opponents so there is not much interaction and even politics.

In board games, you get to hone your persuasion skills — either subtly or overtly. For instance, in strategy board games, you have to be very subtle in persuading other opponents so as not to spoil your game. Meanwhile for games like Munchkin you have to be more overt to avoid the other player from moving on to the next level.

In many videogames and board games, winning normally boils down to your mathematical skills. Not that I’m saying that video game players don’t use math, but board game players practice more math than virtual game players. For those who are into videogames, the computer usually does the math. For example, in World of Warcraft, you can easily refer to a prepared spreadsheet for picking your builds. That’s not the case for card games or board games; you have to do the math. And most often, manually!

Board games let you experience real-life social tension. A classic example are betrayals or bluffs. While betrayals are also common in many video games, you often deal with a virtual avatar. In tabletop games, you get to see the face of your opponents and get cues from their actions. Once they get you duped, you also see their delight. This you wouldn’t ever experience in videogames, right?

Perhaps, the only thing where board games can have a hard time to measure up is the stellar graphics and music of board games. But of course, you can do the same if you really want to. You might want to play some soundscapes while playing board games. Oh, a saxophone playing at the back isn’t a bad idea. You can go check if you’re damn serious about it.

Lastly, board games unlike videogames give you varying tactile sensations. In videogames, you’ll be confined with the keyboard and mouse – that’s it. With board games, there are a lot of tactile sensations that you’ll experience.

Now, tell me which is better – videogames or board games?