Paintball Scenarios You Need To Try Now!

Paintball is among the most action-packed games that has gained popularity over the years. And as it gains more and more followers, new types of paintball scenarios have also cropped up.

There are countless ways paintball can be played but here are six of the most played scenarios that you need to give a try today:

  1. Capture the flag

In this game, the players are divided into two groups. The goal of each group is to capture the enemy’s flag located at the opposite sides of the field and bring it back to you home base. But aside from capturing the flag, the teams also need to defend their own flags. Players can use any type of paintball gun such as the Azodin Kaos 2, intended for entry-level players.

  1. Center flag

Just like the capture the flag, in this scenario the flag is located at the middle of the field. The goal is to capture the single flag and either push it to the opposite side or take it home. This one seems simple but is actually more difficult to strategize since both teams are focused to the middle. There will be lots of hits and misses in this scenario.

  1. paintball-scenarios-you-need-to-try-nowAttack and defend

This is best played in an indoor paintball center. One of the team will occupy a building or castle while the other team has to attack the enemy’s position and raise their flag. The assaulting teams are usually allowed to re-spawn and get back the starting point when hit. It’s a timed game and teams can change positions after each run.

  1. Protect the president

One of the team members is tagged as the president who needs to be escorted to safety, usually at the opposite end of the field. Meanwhile, the other team needs to take down the president or prevent him from reaching the safe zone. This can be played either indoor or outdoor paintball area.

  1. Bomb the base

Just like center flag, a neutral bomb or similar explosive is planted at the center of the game zone. The objective is to bring the explosive or bomb to the enemy’s base before it explodes. Just like a real bomb, the explosive has a timer and will blow up within the specified time.

  1. Hostile takeover

Armed with Azodin Kaos 2 or any high-grade paintball gun model that you can find here at, the players need to seize control of the targets. Each of the targets is equivalent to a specified point. The teams need to take the target secured towards the opposite end of the field. The more targets taken to the opposite end the higher the score is.

  1. Team deathmatch

Probably the most popular way to play paintball, Team Deathmatch has a very simple goal that is to take out every member of the opponent’s team. This game is perfect for all skill levels and can be played in any paintball field. It’s a great game that requires very little briefing before you start.