5 Lessons I Cant Believe Id Learn While Playing-true

5 Lessons I Can’t Believe I’d Learn While Playing

More than just training about how to kick a soccer ball or shoot a basketball, there are many valuable life lessons that players can learn from youth sports. These life lessons are far more important than any trophy or medal that these players will ever win.

Here are 5 important life lessons that I would have never learned early had I not joined youth sports.

  1. Mistakes are part of life.

Whether during practice or during the game, players will commit mistakes multiple times. Perhaps, you turned the ball over the ball during a game, missed a crucial shot, or failed to hit the baseball, all these misses and glitches are a normal part of the game.

Just like in any game, it’s alright to make mistakes in life. What’s important is you learn from them and use them to move on and grow as a better person. Accepting defeat is not a sign of weakness but rather a show of strength. How you carry yourself through defeat is as equally important as when you win.

  1. Success requires hard work.

No success comes easy in sports as well as in real life. For someone who’s into amateur boxing, you have to work out in the gym, do countless sparring sessions, train with your coach, and practice self discipline in order to succeed. No matter how great your training boxing gloves are, they are useless if you don’t train hard.

This holds true in the real world. If you don’t work hard enough for your goals, you won’t ever achieve them.

  1. How to lead and follow.

Youth sports opens up the opportunity for kids to lead their teammates. It could be during warm-ups or practice session. Some are given the chance to lead as the team captain. There would also be plenty of occasions where kids need to make crucial decisions for the entire team.

Equally important as leading others is learning how to follow. You have to follow the team captain or coach’s instruction. There are also rules that players need to abide to.

  1. Self-discipline is key.

Discipline is a very important value in life and it is something that players can learn by participating in youth sports. You won’t improve your boxing skills by simply wearing a winning boxing glove. Don’t even bother checking martial arts equipment review site to look for the best equipment, if you’re not committed to your training and if you don’t have enough discipline. Your new boxing gloves would just be a pair of useless gears.

This is true in any sport and even truer in life. You need self-discipline if you want to improve your skills and be successful in life. It’s always a struggle choosing between instant self-gratification and long-term results.

  1. Life can be unfair at times.

One lesson that is not often read in books or taught in school is that life isn’t always fair. No matter how wholeheartedly you follow rules, there will always be unexpected events that can happen. A teammate might get badly injured in the middle of the game, the referee might missed calling a foul, or even missing the game because of traffic. These are unfortunate events that might make life seem unfair.

Instead of just sulking and whining on the missed chances, you have to accept that these things do happen.

Participating in youth sports and any other game is an important part of growing up. It is where we learn many valuable life lessons that we won’t ever learn elsewhere.