3 Dog-Themed Games Every Dog Lover Should Try

Who doesn’t love dogs? This man’s best friend is such an adorable creature. I wouldn’t wonder why dog lovers spend a good fortune for dog stuff like those you can find here at Dogs Rant.

And for a certified board game fanatic who doubles as a dog lover, a game including dogs is a double treat! Dog-themed games are equally appealing as our beloved dogs. Spending a few dollars for any of these fantastic board games is worth it.

Here let’s check out some popular card and board games with our canine friends taking center stage.

Snow Tails

In this fantastic board game, dogs sled racing in the snowy terrain of the Arctic. Dogs surely don’t need dog stairs like this: http://dogsrant.com/the-best-dog-stairs-can-make-life-easier/, as the agile huskies race to the finish line. Each player owns a team of huskies (a stack of cards) and a sled. Since the track pieces are modular, the length and difficulty of the course may vary. Sleds move forward and around the curves.

For an exhilarating dog racing experience, Snow Tails is best played with the maximum number of players possible.

Each sled is led by two cards and a third “brake” card at the back. The speed is determined by adding the two front cards and deducting the brake; the drift is difference in the direction of the stronger front card. Every player can use different cards on top the old ones, but with certain rules and restrictions. Any miscalculation can lead to unfortunate results. Along the route, there are obstacles that can clog up your stack and damage your sled.

Invite up to 8 players and let the race begin!


In this card exciting card game, the deck of cards is laid out face up and each participant picks a starting card. The cards show images of different dog species, each with different attributes: dark or light, small or dark, etc. Players then pick as many different cards possible in this fast and furious card game.

At the signal “GO!”, each player quickly picks a card and adds it to his deck of card. Each card should not differ from the previous card by more than one characteristic. In case any player thinks he cannot anymore grab a card, he signals “STOP!” Then, each player’s stack of card is checked for any mistake. Those who have mistaken, lose their cards, while those without a mistake get to keep their stack. Any of the participants can start a round and can be played for as many rounds as they want. It’s best to play it with its sister game, Pick-a-Pig for a more challenging game-play that can accommodate up to eight players.

Walk the Dogs

This board game is a masterpiece of game designer Alan R. Moon. Although it has long been out of circulation, its overloaded cuteness makes it a great dog-themed board game.

The game is composed of 63 miniature dogs belonging to 7 different dog breeds. The dogs are arranged in a line depending on breeds. Players attempt to collect the breeds they want using the card. It seems easy, right? But beware of the dog catcher, leash and bone cards which can snatch your dogs and ruin your plans!

This simple yet very entertaining game is perfect for both young and old!

Do you have any favorite dog-themed board games? We’d love to know more about it!