10 Games To Get Kids Moving While Indoors

Unlike kids living in the suburban, city kids don’t always have that luxury to run around in a backyard and enjoy physical games. Parks and playgrounds offer a perfect place for kids to roam around and play, but the weather isn’t always cooperative.

Most of the time, kids living in urban centers settle with table top role-playing games, card and board games, computer games, and TV as a substitute for entertainment. While these games are truly fun and entertaining, it can’t replace the physical exercise and motor skills that children develop with these physical games.

Integrating exercise and movement into the everyday lives of children are vital for their health. And the best way to do it is through games. There are safe, enjoyable and simple indoor exercises that kids will surely love. A classic example of this is the trampoline. Many of these trampolines designed for kids can be found at http://trampolinify.com/. Kids definitely love to bounce around and jump. Good thing, trampolines come very handy and can fit in any vacant room.

Here are some easy entertaining ways to get your kids moving even inside your home.

  1. Jump rope: It’s a very simple game. You can do it in the living room or the bedroom. Take turns in doing the rope. Add more fun by singing a jump-rope rhyme.
  2. Animal races: Perfect if there are several kids around. Squat and waddle like a duck hop like a bunny, the first team that reaches the finish line wins.
  3. Indoor obstacle course: Take a chalk and draw a course outside. You can also use furniture as obstacles. Ask some kids in the neighborhood to join your game.
  4. Balloon ball: There are many ways you can play with balloons inside the house. Be creative and just make sure you avoid breaking anything.
  5. Trampoline: As mentioned above, this one is a simple yet very entertaining equipment. For sure, your kids will love it. For added fun, you can have your kids fit kiddy jumping shoes like this http://trampolinify.com/all-about-jumping-shoes-and-best-kangoo-boots/.
  6. Follow the leader: For this game, you got to be ready to get naughty. Be the leader and let the kids follow energetic movements like jogging, hopping, and squatting.
  7. Freeze dance: Who doesn’t know this classic children’s game? For this, you simply need speakers and a playlist of kids’ music. The rule is simple: Everyone freezes when the music stops, move and you’re out.
  8. Jumping jack: A simple exercise that can help develop your coordination and also works out the entire body muscles. You can add more fun by playing some kiddie songs. The one who gets the most number of Jumping Jacks wins a price!
  9. Scavenger hunt: This one’s just like Easter Egg hunt. Write up clues and hide them around your home. Each clue directs the kids to the next clue until they find the pleasant surprise at the end. It’s an exciting and physical activity that kids will love.
  10. Pillow fight: It’s not only kids who love this! Even adults too! Just be very careful when playing pillow fight. You don’t want anyone to get hurt!

Thinking of ways how to get kids to move around inside your home shouldn’t be that hard. There are lots of great ideas that young tots will surely love!